About Us

An agency planted in Quebec

In the fall of 2020 Leliken took root in Quebec, sprouting its first leaves the following spring with the opening of its offices on Sainte-Catherine Street.

Leliken, radiating the lichen’s Nordic vigor, is adapted to the Quebec reality. Whatever conditions it may encounter, Leliken can triumph over adversity with lasting solutions that nurture growth and success.

Loaded with talent, bonded by seasoned experts

Leliken guides you through the harshest storms. We are a reliable team wedded to your cause. We come from diverse backgrounds, across both anglophone and francophone communities:

  • Public relations
  • Government relations
  • Digital and social media
  • Corporate communications
  • Event planning

Meet our team

Our values

Our values guide us every day, in everything we do.


The bond of trust starts with listening and understanding. We depend on this essential connection throughout all of our engagements.


We pursue the single most promising and efficient solution, and at the same time leverage opportunities as they arise to refine the approach.


We value a close relationship with our clients. We believe transparency and respect must be at the forefront and remain omnipresent throughout the pursuit of your objectives.

An approach suited for Quebec

Leliken has the expertise to resolve complex issues and deliver comprehensive solutions. Light in structure but tenacious in the pursuit of our clients’ objectives, we embrace a lean and mean approach.

We work in concert with a broad range of professionals with specific knowledge and expertise, which provides exceptional insight and the development of robust solutions that fit your budget and timeline.

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