Our Team

The sum of our expertise

Renowned professionals in each of their fields, the Leliken team members are recognized for their unique experience and expertise.

A lineup of strategic expertise

Competent communications expertise and a diversity of individual skillsets is at the heart of Leliken’s multidisciplinary team. We are committed to flawless communications in both English and French as well as exceptional value in the strategic solutions we develop for our clients.

Pierre Bélanger
  • Government Relations
  • Strategic Counsel
  • Client Relations
  • Stakeholder Engagement

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Pierre Bélanger

President and Managing Partner

Pierre brings unique strategic expertise to Leliken’s clients. He also ensures the right ressources are assigned to each mandate and that solutions are precise and streamlined.


  • Lawyer in private practice, Member of National Assembly of Quebec and provincial minister and deputy minister.
  • As Quebec’s Minister of Public Safety he led the response to the historic 1988 ice storm, gaining exceptionnal experience in crisis management.
  • Senior advisor in one of the largest public relations firms in the country for several years.


In his capacity as House Leader and Minister Responsible for Electoral and Parliamentary Reform, and later as Minister of Public Safety in Quebec, Pierre gained extensive knowledge of the functioning of governments and parliamentary systems in Quebec and Canada helping him perfect his skills. He learned who to work with in the government apparatus and he learned how to work with government and is reputed amongst all three levels of government for his skills in building win-win solutions.

Prior to establishing Leliken, Pierre held the position of Executive Director of the UQAM Foundation.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • International Communications
  • Media Relations

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Marc Duchesne

Vice President, Public Relations

Passionate about public relations and a high-level strategist having evolved through many professional environments, Marc quickly teams up with our clients to propose concrete solutions leading to successful results.


  • Extensive career as a communications and public relations manager in two major aerospace companies, as well as with the organization responsible for public transportation in the greater Montreal area.

  • Bilingual and experienced spokesperson having represented various companies with numerous stakeholders in a variety of cases, in Quebec and internationally.


Marc has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Quebec in Montreal. He has over 25 years of experience in public relations and corporate communications. His professional background includes a vast experience as a spokesperson for multinational companies, particularly in aerospace, technology, and the food industry. He has thus faced a multitude of complex challenges involving many stakeholders: having this level of expertise is highly sought after and appreciated by our customers and partners.

  • Government Relations

  • Public Relations

  • Communications

  • Crisis Management

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Christine Maydossian

Director, Government Relations

Christine brings a distinct perspective to Leliken, given her pan-Canadian political and public affairs background. Her understanding of the inner workings of various levels of government across the country and beyond are helpful in developing effective strategies to find solutions to complex problems.


  • A Toronto native, Christine served as Policy Advisor and Council Liaison to the late Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto and as Senior Advisor, Policy and Communications to former federal Cabinet Minister and Chief Government Whip John Duncan. In Quebec, she has been working in public affairs over the past  several years, specializing in arts and culture.

  • She served as an advisor at the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA), where she consulted on international policy matters in areas such as innovation, infrastructure, and trade. She acted as the lead on a number of government initiatives promoting economic development and was co-architect of the Canadian Expat Summit, a historic project in collaboration with the Ontario Government that brought global expat leaders back to Canada on a strategic business platform.

  • Christine served as a diplomatic trainee at the Mission of Canada to the European Union in Brussels and at the Mission of Armenia to the United Nations in New York City. 


Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science from Glendon College, York University and a bilingual Master in Public and International Affairs from the same institution, part of which she completed at Sciences Po Paris.

She has worked on political campaigns at all levels of government across Canada: in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Among other non-profit work she currently serves as Junior Editor for renown international affairs magazine, Global Brief. She is fully trilingual in English, French, and Armenian.

Michel Martin
  • Government Relations
  • Strategic Counsel
  • Communications Planning and Execution

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Michel Martin

Senior Advisor

Michel has extensive experience managing high profile projects. He is a results-driven leader who values close working relationships with his colleagues, clients and partners. A passionate communications professional, he delivers solutions that are finely tuned to his client’s needs.


  • Former Executive Committee Member of the Montreal Port Authority and strategic advisor on the organization’s key projects.
  • Public and government relations strategist for large and multinational companies including Ultramar and Valero.
  • An experienced senior manager, he values a bond of trust and knows how to accompany leaders as their trusted advisor in support of strategic objectives. 


A graduate of the École Polytechnique de Montréal in mechanical engineering with a passion for collaboration Michel is a rigorous and determined, relationship-driven public affairs professional.

He left his mark as public affairs director at the Port of Montreal where he was ensconced in public relations while resolving complex public issues.

Through his many years’ experience in leadership roles collaborating on high-level strategic projects with several large organizations Michel’s talents have become well known. He is a well sought-after resource for large scale projets.

Manon Robidoux
  • Executive Support
  • Project Management
  • Public relations
  • Communications and Event Planning

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Manon Robidoux, PRP

Public Relations Advisor and Executive Assistant

Manon has solid experience managing executive projects. She is well-known for her rigor managing communications projects. She accompanies her client step by step throughout each mandate.


  • Managed crises for several organisations with essential workers as well as an at-risk clientele, including restructuring the company.
  • Senior manager responsible for employee, customer and supplier communications.
  • Writing administrative documents and orchestrating project management for clients.


Manon graduated in public relations from University of Montreal and business management from HEC Montreal. Engaged and engaging, she has a reputation for rigour and a passion for efficiency. She is always fully committed to the mandates she supports and builds relationships based on respect and trust.

Manon is a follower of the 360 doctrine and maintains a 50 000 foot view, making her the ideal partner. With an attentive ear, she has supported senior leaders in their decision-making for more than 25 years. Her personal and professional background have allowed her to acquire unrivaled communication skills and know-how.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said.” — Peter Dreker 

  • Event 
  • Marketing 
  • Content Creation
  • Research 

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Mélanie Lanthier

Coordinator, Public relations

Mélanie holds a certificate in public relations from University of Montreal and has creative way of thinking that allows her to add a touch of originality to communication projects. Being adept at social networks, she specializes in content creation, which makes her a partner of choice. 


  • Responsible for communications in various companies, she oversaw press relations and social networks. 
  • Expertise in business start-ups and inaugurations. 
  • Two years of experience in the UK working in events and banking.


Mélanie believes in continuing education. Her passion for events led her to obtain a degree in this field and continue her university studies. Public relations is a discovery in her journey, during which she discovered that events, public relations, and marketing are easily combined. 

With a thirst for discovery, she fulfilled her dream of going to work in the United Kingdom. In the middle of the pandemic, she moved there for two years. This English experience made her career unique. Back in Canada, perfectly bilingual, she flourished in the communications field. 

At the firm, Mélanie is a partner of choice for client cases. Her versatility allows her to take part in complex cases. 

  • Digital Communications Strategist
  • Online Presence Development
  • Content Management

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Anissa Kadi

Collaborator - Digital Communications

Anissa has a passion for digital and social media. Full of creative ideas, she is always on the lookout for the latest trends and best practices.


  • Having started her career as the manager of an online boutique, she went on to work in marketing and communications.
  • Mastering several content management tools, she has been supporting organizations in developing their online presence since 2016.
  • Anissa is a lecturer at Collège Maisonneuve and in multiple Cegeps, where she guides and passes on her passion for digital media to the next generation.


As a dedicated businesswoman, she works on a wide variety of projects, enabling her to put her knowledge to good use. One of her goals is to see different companies evolve within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Inclusion and diversity are deeply rooted values for Anissa.

Curious by nature, Anissa believes in continuous learning. She never stops perfecting her skills, collaborating on projects all over the world along the way. Her creativity and organization skills enable her to quickly implement effective digital strategies using social media.

  • Redaction
  • Media and Digital Project Management
  • Content Creation

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Léa Com-Nougué

Special Collaborator 

Léa is a talented writer. From quotations to speeches, she knows how to choose her words according to her audience. She has excellent communication skills and a great sense of active listening. Léa graduated in management from HEC Montreal as well as in law from University of Montreal, where she is currently pursuing her studies in public relations.


  • In addition to being a lawyer and member of the Bar since 2018, Léa has more than five years of experience in consulting services, project management and business development.
  • As a Project Manager within an international company, Léa notably led the complete redesign of the company’s brand image and online presence.
  • As a Media Creativity Advisor, Léa contributes to the development of her clients’ strategic orientations by ensuring the complete management of multi-platform campaigns, from planning to delivery.


Léa first practiced law before redirecting her career towards the world of business and communications. Thanks to her legal training, she has developed a rigorous and pragmatic work ethic, excellent analytical, synthesis and persuasion skills, as well as a unique perspective on organizational and business issues.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Léa grew up in an environment that allowed her to develop her sense of creativity, curiosity, and proactivity. She is a dedicated and autonomous team player, always oriented towards the search for innovative solutions and continuous improvement.

  • Event Planning and Deployment
  • Creative Industries

  • Press Relations

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Julie Pontbriand

Collaborator - Event

Julie Pontbriand has been passionate about the world of entertainment since her early childhood.  In 2004, she graduated from “École du Show-Business” in Montreal as an organizer of cultural and corporate events. Since then, with the world of entertainment booming around her, it has allowed her the opportunity to hone her skills and add her magic touch to all the events that she has organized. Regardless of the challenge or the objective, be it for consultation, guidance, conception or complete and turnkey operation, Julie can make it all happen.


  • With more than 15 years of experience in the field, she has surrounded herself with great resources, both human and material in order to meet the demanding expectations of clients.
  • Julie loves to be hands-on to ensure that everything goes as planned, observing, analyzing, and measuring everything so that your event is worthy of a memorable experience. 
  • You will greatly appreciate her high standards of work ethics and professionalism which will ultimately lead to a profitable and successful event.


A go-getter and entrepreneur, in 2015, she creates “Cocktail et Talons hauts”, a formula that offers salons for small entrepreneurs and events suitable for networking. In 2017, Julie offers a turnkey concept offering the organization and enhancement of events such as inaugurations, red carpet events – VIPs, launches, conferences, birthdays and many others.

In the last couple of years, in collaboration with venue halls, Julie has been working to create a different platform for the next generation of comedians.

She will know without a doubt how to guide you for all your important events that are dear to you.