Corporate communications

Mindful of your reputation

For your communications with employees, partners, investors and customers, Leliken offers complete solutions adapted to your reality and your needs.

Building trust with the right information

You have worked hard to build your organization and your brand should be a true reflection of your accomplishments. We stand side by side with you judiciously protecting your reputation. We also have the expertise and the resources to prepare communications for your employees, your valued partners, your members and your customers.

How we can help

  • Development of internal and external communication strategies and plans
  • Announcement of, restructuring, new products and services, acquisitions, partnerships, corporate responsibility commitments, etc
  • Writing: Speeches, letters, presentations, reports, blogs, internal newsletters
  • Video, print, and audio production
  • Preparation for speeches and presentations
  • Communications for investors

Let’s talk about your communication objectives.

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